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Visual Research Conference

2017 Visual Research Conference

2017 Visual Research Conference

The Thirty-Third Annual Visual Research Conference will be in Washington, DC, Nov. 27-29, at the beginning of the AAA Annual Meeting, as usual. Join us near the Marriott Wardman Park Hotel registration desk at 7pm Monday, and go to a nearby restaurant for an informal no-host dinner.

For 2017, the interactive presentations start at 10:20am Tuesday and Wednesday in the Rose Room at the National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution. Come to the CONSTITUTION AVENUE entrance BY TEN A.M. (10:00 AM) each day to be escorted past security up to the Rose Room.

Presentations this year will be by Ingrid Ahlgren (Smithsonian), Anne Chahine (Freie Universität Berlin), Aynur Kadir (Simon Fraser), Hilary Leathem (Chicago), William Lempert (Colorado), Austin Lord (Cornell), Diana Marks (Sydney, Australia), Steve Moog (Arkansas), and Emiko Stock (Cornell).

Please see the links below for the 2017 Conference:

2017 Visual Research Conference PROGRAM

2017 Visual Research Conference ABSTRACTS

The Visual Research Conference provides an opportunity for professionals and students to dialogue about visually engaged works-in-progress. Substantive presentations include the viewing of visual material as well as ample give-and-take with an actively participating audience. Further discussion takes place during Informal Discussion periods between the interactive formal presentations. Conversations at lunch and dinner create many situations for networking and exchange of ideas. Members and non-members of AAA and SVA are welcome to attend at no charge. The Visual Research Conference is a productive way to meet and interact with others who do anthropological and anthropologically-related visual research.


For more information on the format of this lively event and how to submit a presentation contact Dr. Tom Blakely (, Dr. Andrea Heckman (, or Dr. Jerome Crowder (



Zoe Bray (Nevada-Reno, Hebrew University) answers questions about her use of portrait painting as research process at the Visual Research Conference 2015, Denver, CO.


Poster Session at Visual Research Conference 2015, Denver, CO.


Joana Roque de Pinho (Centro de Estudos Internacioais, ISCTE-IUL, Lisbon) offers her collaboration with rice farmers in Guinea-Bissau.



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