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Visual Anthropology Review

Vol. 33 (2) Fall 2017

Table of Contents

Current Issue: Fall 2017
Volume 33, Issue 2
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Doing the Snap: Storytelling and Participatory Photography with Women Porters in Ghana
Laurian R. Bowles

Glimpses of Emergence in the Ayoreo Video Project
Lucas Bessire

Enactive Filmmaking: Rethinking Ethnographic Cinema in the First Person
Lorenzo Ferrarini

Tasting Tea and Filming Tea: The Filmmaker’s Engaged Sensory Experience
Jinghong Zhang

Projecting Films to Spirits: On Shrines as Conjunctural Space and the Ritual Economy of Outdoor Cinema in Bangkok
Richard L. MacDonald

Humanizing Big Numbers: Representational Strategies in Institutional Films about Global Maternal Mortality
Rebecca Howes-Mischel


A Tale of Six Circles: A Travelogue
Steven Van Wolputte

Six Notes: Afterthoughts
Steven Van Wolputte


Making Violence Visible at the US/Mexico Border: Review of the Exhibitions Fencing In Democracy and State of Exception/Estado de Excepción, and the Film El mar la mar
Amahl Bishara and Naomi Schiller


Mobile Phones and Musical Media in Northern Australia
Ringtone. Directed by Jennifer Deger and Paul Gurrumuruwuy, 2014, 30 minutes, color. Distributed by Ronin Films.
Daniel Fisher

Communicating Across Linguistic and Sensorial Divides in Mumbai
Ishaare: Gestures and Signs in Mumbai. Directed by Annelies Kusters, 2015, 80 minutes, color. Distributed by MPI-MMG, Max Planck Institute for the Study of Religious and Ethnic Diversity.
Deborah Matzner

Awash with Politics in Palestine–Israel
Women in Sink. Directed by Iris Zaki, 2015, 26 minutes, color. Distributed by GO2Films.
Michal Ran Rubin


Doing Style: Youth and Mass Mediation in South India. By Constantine V. Nakassis. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2016.
Adrian Athique

Anthropology of the Arts: A Reader. By Gretchen Bakke and Marina Peterson, eds. London: Bloomsbury, 2017.
Christopher Wright

Celebration: Photographs of the Guna Chicha. By James Howe. Panama: Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute/Congreso General de la Cultura Guna, 2016.
Paolo Fortis


Lucas Bessire on Video Workshops
Laurian Bowles on Doing the Snap
Lorenzo Ferrarini on Enactive Filmmaking
Jinghong Zhang on “Tasting Tea and Filming Tea

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