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Visual Anthropology Review

Vol. 32 (2) Fall 2016

Table of Contents

Current Issue: Fall 2016
Volume 32, Issue 2

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Editors’ Introduction
Jenny Chio, Rupert Cox


Ataturk’s Children
Roger Hutchings

The Photo Essay
Patrick Sutherland


Models, Measurement, and the Problem of Mediation in the New York Fashion Industry
Stephanie Sadre‐Orafai

Vicissitudes of Vision: Piety, Pornography, and Shaming the State in Indonesia
James Bourk Hoesterey

The Aesthetic Politics of Unfinished Media: New Media Activism in Brazil
Meg Stalcup

Auteurship and Image‐Making: A (Gentle) Critique of the Photovoice Method
Arjun Shankar

“What Does It Look Like?”: On the Use of Intermediary Images in Egyptian Film Production
Chihab El Khachab

A Space “In‐Between”: Liminality and Landscape on the Thailand‐Burma (Myanmar) Border
Courtney T. Wittekind



Walang Rape sa Bontok (Bontok, Rapeless). Directed by Mark Lester Valle, 2014, 119 minutes, color. Distributed by GMA Network, Inc.
Dada Docot

Entre Memorias. Directed by Martha-Cecilia Dietrich, 2015, 34 minutes, color, Spanish with English subtitles.
Jelke Boesten



Unfixed: Photography and Postcolonial Perspectives in Contemporary Art. Edited by Sara Blokland and Asmara Pelupessy. The Netherlands: Jap Sam Books. 2012.
Miroslava Prazak, Jonathan Kline

Beyond Text? Critical Practices and Sensory Anthropology Edited by Rupert Cox, Andrew Irving, and Christopher Wright. Manchester: Manchester University Press. 2016.
Paul Stoller



Let It Wash Over You: Review of the 39th Annual Margaret Mead Film Festival, October 22–25, 2015
Addie Mahmassani

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