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Visual Anthropology Review

Vol. 32 (1) Spring 2016

Table of Contents

Current Issue: Spring 2016
Volume 32, Issue 1

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Special Issue
Uncertain Visions: Crisis, Ambiguity, and Visual Culture in Greece


Introduction—Uncertain Visions: Crisis, Ambiguity, and Visual Culture in Greece
Konstantinos Kalantzis

Chemtrails, Crisis, and Loss in an Interconnected World
Alexandra Bakalaki

Proxy Brigands and Tourists: Visualizing the Greek-German Front in the ‘Debt Crisis’
Konstantinos Kalantzis

“The Metaphysics of the Greek Crisis”: Visual Art and Anthropology at the Crossroads
Eleana Yalouri

‘Crisis’ as Art: Young Artists Envisage Mutating Greece
Elpida Rikou and Io Chaviara

The ‘Greek Crisis’ through the Cinematic and Photographic Lens: From ‘Weirdness’ and Decay to Social Protest and Civic Responsibility
Erato Basea

Crisis and Visual Critique
Christopher Pinney



Jazz Cosmopolitanism in Accra: Five Musical Years in Ghana. Steven Feld. Durham, NC: Duke University Press, 2012.
Helena Wulff



Kalanda: The Knowledge of the Bush. A film by Lorenzo Ferrarini, 2014, 62 minutes, color.
Steven Feld

The Mosuo Sisters. Directed by Marlo Poras, produced by Marlo Poras and Yu Ying Wu Chou, 2013, 80 minutes, color. Distributed by Women Make Movies, 115 W. 29th Street, Suite 1200, New York, NY 10001,
Tami Blumenfield



Visual Anthropology in Sardinia. Silvio Carta. Bern, Switzerland: Peter Lang, 2015.
Sydney M. Silverstein



NATIVe—A Journey into Indigenous Cinema at the 65th Berlin International Film Festival, 5th–15th February 2015. Focus Latin America.
María Paz Peirano

Intimacy of Faith: Devotional Retablos and Ex-Votos from Mexico. Arizona State Museum, Tucson, Arizona. April 18, 2015–May 31, 2016. Michael M. Brescia (Lead Curator) with Gloria Fraser Giffords (Guest Curator).
Emily Umberger

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