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Visual Anthropology Review

Vol. 30 (2) Fall 2014

Table of Contents

Current Issue: Fall 2013
Volume 30, Issue 2


Drawing It Out
Haidy Geismar

Appropriating Iconicity: Why Tank Man Still Matters
Jennifer Hubbert

Jai Bhim Comrade and the Politics of Sound in Urban Indian Visual Culture
Deborah Matzner

Inking a Past; Visualization as a Shedding of Uncertainty
Jonathan Westin

Visualizing Narcocultura: Violent Media, the Mexican Military’s Museum of Drugs, and Transformative Culture
Ethan Sharp

Decolonizing Encounters of the Third Kind: Alternative Futuring in Native Science Fiction Film
William Lempert

Bootlegged: Unauthorized Circulation and the Dilemmas of Collaboration in the Digital Age
Noelle Stout


Art, Nature, and Religion in the Central Andes: The Author’s Response to the Review by Kathleen S. Fine-Dare
Mary Strong


White Walls, “Black City”: Reflections on “Exhibition as Residency—Art, Anthropology, Collaboration”
Monique Scott

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