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Visual Anthropology Review

Vol. 28 (1) Spring 2012

Mediajourneys: Looking at People, Looking for People (pages 1–12)
Ruth Behar and Marcy Brink-Danan

Reframing a Visual Ethnography of a Japanese Preschool Classroom (pages 13–31)
Akiko Hayashi and Joseph Tobin

Of Ghosts and Gangsters: Capitalist Cultural Production and the Hong Kong Film Industry (pages 32–49)
Sylvia J. Martin

Where the Air Feels Heavy: Boredom and the Textures of the Aftermath (pages 50–69)
Juan Orrantia

Book Reviews

Global Bollywood: Travels of Hindi Song and Dance. Edited by Sangita Gopal and Sujata Moorti (pages 70–72)

Philip Lutgendorf

Huichol Art and Culture: Balancing the World. Featuring the Robert M. Zingg Collection of the Museum of Indian Arts and Culture/Laboratory of Anthropology. Edited by Melissa S. Powell and C. Jill Grady (pages 72–74)
Paul Liffman

Photo-Texts: Contemporary French Writing of the Photographic Image. By Andy Stafford (pages 74–76)
Kathryn Lichti-Harriman

The Tlingit Encounter with Photography. By Sharon Bohn Gmelch (pages 76–78)
Leslie Main Johnson

Unveiling Secrets of War in the Peruvian Andes. Olga M. González (pages 78–79)
Jane Henrici

Pretty Modern: Beauty, Sex, and Plastic Surgery in Brazil. By Alexander Edmonds (pages 79–81)
Lesley N. Braun

Of What One Cannot Speak: Doris Salcedo’s Political Art. By Mieke Bal (pages 81–82)
Kenneth A. Betsalel 

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