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2013 Winner

2013 John Collier Jr. Award for Still Photography Winner:

refracted-vision2Refracted Visions: Popular Photography and National Modernity in Java by Karen Strassler (2010: Duke University Press) was chosen for the 2013 John Collier Jr Award by majority committee vote based on its contributions to the field of Visual Anthropology. The academic text includes 138 images, both archival and contemporary. Research questions included provocative questions about who makes photos and has access to technologies: how these relate to cultural identity and how that identity is presented visually; and used both politically and socially in Javanese culture as well as by other sub-cultures living in Java. The author worked with photos as cultural products, identity, history, and addressed issues about how memory is maintained as well as its creation. The Committee judged this work to be in the Colliers legacy of how to “read” cultural information from still photography and found it to be the most valuable submission to the field of Visual Anthropology.


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