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2017 Film Festival

Osiba Kangamuke – Let’s go kids


04:35 PM –  Lives of Children

dir., Veronica Monachini de Carvalho, Haja Kalapalo and Tawana Kalapalo

The kids from Aiha Kalapalo village, located at Alto Xingu Indigenous Park (MT, Brasil), are the protagonists on this film and they decided to show some of the aspects of their routines and culture. From the school, where they learn Portuguese, until the ritual of ikindene fight, those little Kalapalo demonstrate a subtlety peculiar of those who know their traditions. Osiba Kangamuke – Let’s Go Kids, is the result of a video workshop held with the children in the village so they participate not only in front of the cameras but also throughout the recording process. The film is a collective production of indigenous and non-indigenous filmmakers and anthropologists.


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