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Visual Research Conference

2012 Visual Research Conference

2012 Program

Twenty-Eighth Annual Visual Research Conference
November 12-14, 2012,
San Francisco, California

Thomas D. Blakely and Andrea Heckman, Organizers and Chairs

Download the program as a pdf2012-visual-research-conference-program

Download the Abstracts as a pdf: visualresearchconference2012abstracts

The Visual Research Conference is like a panel discussion or open roundtable with ALL participants (including the “audience”) as potentially contributing in each presentation. Presenters come with works-in-progress, ready to dialogue, not to “read a paper” or “show a film” with a question or two at the end. Visual Research Conference presentations feature much interaction and feedback from an actively participating audience – working to maximize the productive possibilities of being co-present with each other. Of course sometimes a presenter or other participant cannot attend Monday evening through Wednesday early afternoon, but those who can do so should plan to come on Monday, November 12, for dinner at 7pm and participate in the Tuesday and Wednesday presentations to FULLY contribute to and benefit from this small-conference experience.

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