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Visual Research Conference

2010 Visual Research Conference

2010 Visual Research Conference Preliminary Program

Twenty-Sixth Annual Visual Research Conference Preliminary Program
November 15-17, 2010, New Orleans Sheraton Hotel

Thomas D. Blakely and Andrea Heckman, Organizers and Chairs

The Visual Research Conference is like a panel discussion or open roundtable with ALL participants (including the “audience”) as potentially contributing in each presentation. Presenters come with works-in-progress, ready to dialogue, not to “read a paper” or “show a film” with a question or two at the end. Visual Research Conference presentations feature much interaction and feedback from an actively participating audience – working to maximize the productive possibilities of being co-present with each other. Of course sometimes a presenter or other participant cannot attend Monday evening (November 15) through Wednesday early afternoon, but those who can do so should plan to come on Monday for dinner at 7pm and participate in the Tuesday and Wednesday presentations to FULLY contribute to and benefit from this small-conference experience.

This Preliminary Program’s Tentative Schedule is subject to change. Please check this web page periodically for updates. The last update will be posted by Wednesday, November 10, 2010.

MONDAY, November 15, 7pm
New Orleans Sheraton Hotel

7:00 pm Meet near the Sheraton’s registration desk and go to a nearby restaurant for an informal no-host dinner. Each presenter and Visual Research Conference participant is welcome and encouraged to attend.

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TUESDAY, November 16, 9am-6pm
New Orleans Sheraton Hotel, Cornet Room, Eighth Floor

9:00 am Introduction, Thomas D. Blakely (Penn State University) and Andrea Heckman (University of New Mexico), Visual Research Conference Chairs

9:10 Terence Wright (School of Art and Design, University of Ulster) “Conflicting Stories: Ethnography and Narrative in Northern Ireland”

10:10 informal discussions

10:20 Samuel Yum (University of Washington) “Visualizing Nation, Culture, and History in the Korean Diaspora”

11:10 informal discussions

11:20 Peter Biella (San Francisco State University) and Leonard Kamerling (University of Alaska) “Maasai Migrants Trigger Films: From Field School Production to Post-Screening Discussion”

12:10 lunch break

2:00 pm Scott Edmondson (University of Michigan) “Engaging and Analyzing Ghanaian Video Films and Other Spiritual Mediums: Critical Inquiry or Ethnographic Exotica?”

2:50 informal discussions

3:00 Andrea Heckman (University of New Mexico) “How the Photographic Essay Provides Cultural Context for Understanding Festival Behavior: Tiji (Lo Manthang, Nepal), Qoyllur Rit’i and Paucartambo (Cuzco, Peru)”

3:50 informal discussions

4:00 Susan Falls (Savannah College of Art and Design) “Open For Business: Vernacular Signs, Signpainters, and Neoliberal Savannah”

4:50 informal discussions

5:00 Liam Buckley (James Madison University) “Flower Gardening and Home Painting in Western Kenya”

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

WEDNESDAY, November 17, 9am-2pm
New Orleans Sheraton Hotel, Cornet Room, Eighth Floor

9:00 am Introduction, Thomas D. Blakely and Andrea Heckman

9:10 Fadwa El Guindi (Qatar University), Wesam Al-Othman (Qatar University), and Shaikha Al-Kuwari (Qatar University) “Is Milk Thicker Than Blood? Using Video Recording to Teach and Research Qatari Kinship to Qataris”

10:10 informal discussions

10:25 Zulifkar Hirji (York University, Toronto, Canada) “Visualizing Movement: The Boundaries and Contexts of Dance and Diaspora”

11:15 informal discussions

11:25 Beate Engelbrecht (University of Goettingen) “Filming and Publishing in a Transcultural Context: Some Experiences from Tanah Toraja, Sulasesi, Indonesia”

12:15 Paul Hockings (University of Illinois) ” ‘Village Ghosts’: From Peasant to Post-Peasant Society”

1:15 pm Concluding remarks: Thomas D. Blakely and Andrea Heckman


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