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Visual Research Conference

2008 Visual Research Conference

2008 Visual Research Conference

Twenty-Fourth Annual

San Francisco Hilton and Towers
San Francisco, California
November 17-19, 2008

This Conference emphasizes interaction and discussion among those who are presenting their research and an actively participating audience. Anyone interested in anthropological inquiry concerning visual signification, interpretation, communication, and representation is welcome to attend. For more information, contact Thomas D. Blakely ( or Joanna Cohan Scherer (


Monday, November 17

7:00 pm Informal no-host dinner: Conference presenters, SVA Officers, Board Members, and any interested Conference participants are welcome.

Place:  Please meet at the registration desk in the lobby of the San Francisco Hilton Hotel at 7 pm to walk together to a nearby restaurant.

Tuesday, November 18

9:00 am – 6:00 pm (Union Square 15/16 meeting room)

9:00 am Welcome and Introduction, Thomas D. Blakely (Penn State) and Joanna Cohan Scherer (Smithsonian), Visual Research Conference Co-Chairs

9:20 Jenny Chio (UC Berkeley) “The Practice of Photographing ‘Model Minorities’ in Chinese Tourism”

10:05 Jean Dennison (UNC Chapel Hill) “Visualizing Osage Belonging: Utilizing the Science Studies Model”

10:50 Informal discussions

11:00 Carlos Torres (University of Colorado Boulder) “Small Media and Cultural Revitalization: Self-Realization and the Emergent Mediascape in Chiapas, Mexico”

11:45 Jelani Mahiri (UC Santa Cruz) “Facing the Challenges of Inclusion: Documentary Portraiture, Non-Formal Education, Collaboration, and Engagement with At-Risk Youth in São Paulo, Brazil”

12:30 Lunch break

2:00 Patricia G. Lange (University of Southern California) “Video Reciprocity: Conversations with YouTubers”

2:45 Informal discussions

3:00 Katharine Young (UC Berkeley) “The Angry Gesture”

3:45 J.R. Osborn (UC San Diego) “Playing with Signs: The Strategy of Digital Unmixing and the Anthropology of Art”

4:30 Informal discussions

4:45 Craig Campbell (University of Alberta) “Agitating Images”

6:00 Informal no-host dinner

Wednesday, November 19

8:30 am – 1:30 pm (Franciscan D meeting room)

8:30 am Welcome and Introduction, Thomas D. Blakely and Joanna Cohan Scherer, Visual Research Conference Co-Chairs

8:40 Sara Brandon (Savannah College of Art and Design) “The Image of Indigenous Women in Brazilian and North American History, Artwork, Popular Culture, and Society”

9:30 Informal discussions

9:40 Jennifer Wolowic (University of British Columbia) “Visually, Orally, Relatively: Collaborative Representations of First Nations Youth”

10:25 Informal discussions

10:35 Oscar F. Gil-Garcia (UC Santa Barbara) “Visual Technology, Culture and Gender in Remaking the Global Representation of Forced Migration”

11:20 Informal discussions

11:30 Peter Biella and Shamia Sandles (San Francisco State) “Maasai Migrants: A Case Study of Collaborative, Applied Visual Anthropology”

12:15 Concluding remarks: Thomas D. Blakely and Joanna Cohan Scherer, Visual Research Conference Co-Chairs

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