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2017 SVA Full Program_FINAL PRINT



AAAlogo-2c-1902About the American Anthropological Association

Founded in 1902, the American Anthropological Association (AAA) is the world’s largest organization of individuals interested in anthropology. Its purposes are to encourage research, promote the public understanding of anthropology, and foster the use of anthropological information in addressing human problems. Anyone with a professional or scholarly interest in anthropology is invited to join. Since 1950, its membership has increased dramatically, now averaging in excess of 10,000. Annual meetings draw more than 5,000 individuals, who attend over 300 sessions organized into a 5-day program. The AAA is further organized into a number of smaller, thematic “sections” (such as the Society for Visual Anthropology), each of which is responsible for coordinating a portion of the annual meeting program by soliciting, organizing, and reviewing session proposals.

For more information on session types and meeting registration procedure, see:


AAA regulations allow every conference participant only ONE “major role” (paper presentation, etc) and ONE “discussant” role per year. The word limit for a session abstract is 500 words; for a paper/poster abstract, 250 words.


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