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2008 AAA Photography Contest Finalist: Toreto’s Courtyard – Ilparakuyo Maasai, Tanzania. Photographed by Peter Biella, September, 2007. For description of image, see below.*

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*About Peter Biella’s photograph: “Members of Toreto’s extended family pour over two books of photographs that Richard Cross and I took of many of them in the same courtyard twenty-seven years before.  A boom box plays family birth songs and cattle byre audio-scapes that I recorded at the same time.  Because grass is plentiful this season, the cattle need not go out early in the morning, so they rest with the family, sometimes replying in kind to my recordings of their great-grandparents’ bellows and moos!” (Peter Biella). (Finalist, American Anthropological Association Photo Contest, 2008) Click here for a higher resolution image!


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