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Curating Risk, Mediating Access: Digital Ethics for Visual Data

Kendall Roark (University of Alberta)

Privacy protections and open access/open data are at times framed as competing interpretations of the public good. However, there are indications that both public opinion and the existing policy framework reflect confusion about how to conceptualize privacy within an open access digital environment. These debates have been productive, leading to the adoption of emergent technologies and forms of data governance which are used to both restrict and open access to sensitive research data. I look at two case studies from the Curating Risk, Mediating Access project which seeks to identify innovate practices around data sharing in clinical and health research in Canada. What does it mean to operationalize visual ethics in an open access digital environment? How might we pair existing visualization techniques and audio-visual formats with emerging conceptual models of the semantic web? How might we use linked open data and contextual (including rights and access) metadata to reshape how people locate and interact with digital objects today?

View Kendall’s discussion online. Tune in from 9.30am-9.45am EST Saturday 6 December for the live-stream.

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