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Using Student Produced Digital Story Projects in Presentations: The Ethics of (Even) Asking

Aaron Thornburg (Eastern Oregon University)

The American Anthropological Association’s Statement on Ethics discusses in some detail anthropologists’ obligations to their students: to weigh our competing ethical obligations to students as well as others, to comport ourselves in ways that support an equitable and supportive environment, and to give them appropriate credit for their work/ideas. The Statement does not, however, directly address obligations to and considerations regarding students when their audio-visual work produced in the context of classes are the subject of presentations later given by the instructor. Even when permission is requested to utilize their work in advance, even when a consent form is signed in advance, can this permission/consent be considered to be given without coercion or undue pressure? This presentation will explore the ethical issues involved in utilizing digital stories produced by students in a Media, Self, and Society course I have taught in conference and colloquium presentations about that course.

View Aaron’s discussion online. Tune in from 9.45am-10.00am EST Saturday 6 December for the live-stream.


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