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February 1, 2013

Call for papers

February 1, 2013 | By |

CFP: Visuality in Multi-Modal Semiotic Ecologies: Theory and Method at the Intersection of Linguistic and Visual Anthropology

Few (if any) linguistic anthropologists would argue with the idea that linguistic practice draws on diverse material and embodied resources. Nevertheless, close attention to the role of visual semiosis in communicative ecologies is not as common a part of our analyses as might be expected. Indeed, as Lempert points out in a forthcoming review, outside a few notable exceptions (e.g., Enfield 2009; Goodwin 2003; Goodwin and Tulbert 2011) explicit and sustained attention to multimodal integration remains a frontier for our field. The reason for this “benign” neglect may be less to do with our theoretical orientations than with methodological challenges (described and grappled with by, for example, Tedlock 1983 and Farnell 1995) of satisfactorily representing multi-modal semiosis in print (though, as Ochs (1979) reminds us, theory and methodology are in a bi-directional relationship).  However, for visual anthropologists, from Bateson and Mead’s (1942) seminal photographic work in Bali to Strassler’s (2010) recent award winning text, the multimodality of semiosis is generally framed as presenting methodological and representational opportunities rather than problems. This panel seeks to bring together perspectives from linguistic and visual anthropology to ask what methodological issues are involved in addressing visual modalities as part of multi-modal semiotic processes. What kinds of tools are necessary to account for the multiple ways in which visual forms interact with other linguistic modalities?  What does a linguistic-ethnographic approach add to visual analyses?

Description of specific papers.

Together we argue that (emergent from selected papers)

Panelists are encouraged to incorporate visual components into their presentations in ways consistent with the methodological and theoretical claims of their papers.

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